About Us

About Us

Blend is the story of a product of a diligent hunt for the best coffee beans across the country, and the first Egyptian fully automated coffee bean factory ,ensuring a diverse line of exquisite products at your fingertips. The word Blend stands for blending coffee with a contemporary twist,with a thorough eye for fine details and ultimate attention for perfect handling and packaging.

our Vision

Enriching the coffee industry with diversified product mix and services, while maintaining excellent quality for freshly Egyptian made coffee, which can only be done through empowering those working in the industry to acquire the exclusive Know-How of making original espresso blends in Egypt and competing with imported Italian and Portuguese coffee.

our Mission

Expanding all across the Arab Region,hence, inspiring coffee fans to follow the same path as well as exporting the diversified range of products to different countries all around the world. Our mission is implemented through Blend Academy inspired by Espresso Academy in Italy and offering comprehensive and specialized training sessions for coffee fans and baristas all around the country.

Our Values

Coffee is a culture and a lifestyle. Hence, we thrive for excellence through implementing the latest technology trends while maintaining a sustainable work environment and safeguarding the welfare of our stakeholders and employees.
Last but not least, using Green Engineering Technology in our production process.

Our Team



+2 01202099624


t. +2 02 25738092
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Factory no. 320 .industrial zone..New Cairo

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