Advanced Latte Art Course – Latte Art Grading System

These are two intense days of practical exercise, that go from the basics, up to the creation of the vortex, the reverse tulip, the swan and other complex figures. In the second day we will study the latte art competition rules, working on symmetries and contrast.

Optionally you can choose to take an exam to obtain the certification of the Latte Art Grading System. This certification is recognized worldwide and can be obtained by taking an exam at the end of the course.

The exams are of different levels, each one of which gives you the chance to receive the different degrees (white, orange, green, red and black milk jug). You can find more info about the Latte Art Grading System on this page.


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The course starts at 9:00 a.m. and finishes at 6.00 p.m. with a short lunch break. The Espresso Academy is in Cairo


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Program of the Course – Day 1

  • Which types of milk and milk jugs to use
  • The techniques of milk frothing following the SCA parameters
  • The basics of latte art
  • Figures, videos, details of the gesture by practicing the “dry” technique
  • The heart, leaf, tulip and dragon
  • The use of the pen for the etching technique
  • The Chocolate art and the squeezers
  • The newest 3D cappuccino, the colored and rainbow cappuccino
  • How to best promote the sales of cappuccino in your café and how to distinguish yourself from the competitors
  • A lot of practice!


Program of the Course – Day 2

  • We start off by analyzing the results of day 1 and see what to improve
  • How to combine more figures in one cup: multiple hearts, leaves, etc.
  • Practical exercises on complex figures: three rosettas, reverse, vortex, swan 
  • The competition cups
  • How the cups are judged during the Latte Art challenges and the examinations of the Latte Art Grading System
  • How to improve contrast and symmetry in the cup
  • Simulation of a Latte Art Grading examination
  • (Optional) Latte Art Grading final examination


Espresso Academy Diploma

All attendees will get certified from the “Espresso Academy” upon passing their exams. If you wish to attend SCA certified courses, you will have to reserve your spot in accordance with our trainers.

Latte Art Grading System Certificates

At the end of the course you will be able to do the certification for the Latte Art Grading System. Please inform us before you sign up for the course.


Only 2 Days = Egy 4500. Costs might vary depending on the type of examination taken.


You will be able to do practical exercises during the course

Our Trainers


Ali Tarek

Coffee Training Manager
I have 14 years’ experience in the field of coffee, my interest and passion for coffee started since I was 12 years old, when I watched a video for latte arts, from here, it was the beginning to enter this world with lot of passion and intricacies. I started my work at the age of sixteen, and worked in many companies in this field and my main goal was reaching a high level in the field of coffee and my first concern was to spread the coffee culture strongly between my friends and the clients that I dealt with during my period of work, and finally, and after a long wait, I entered the Italian Academy of Bind Egypt through Bind Egypt (Blend) with my wishes of success to the passionate and loving of the world of coffee.

Ahmad El Khmash

Ahmad El Khmash comes with 25 years of practical experience in coffee roasting, introducing his new creative blends to the industry.

Having attended coffee roasting classes at the Espresso Academy in Italy, He will be responsible for the ‘Roasting Techniques’ course.

Robert Brinck

Robert is the epitome of the third wave, with his long beard and great passion for coffee! He´s from Holland and takes care of all the english courses, communication and is also the trainer for the technical and machine maintenance course!

Gabriele Cortopassi

After many years of experience he´s assisted and done consultancies for many bars and restaurants in Italy and abroad. Gabriele is also the founder of, which is one of the most followed blogs for bars and restaurants and the the title of his book (Hoepli editions). He´s an official SCA Trainer and also teaches the Bar Management course.

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