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First day Basic barista course


Second day Latte art course


Third day Coffee tasting and cupping course


Fourth day Coffee Brewing course

Basic Barista Course

An one day long, very intense course cutted for who is entering into the barista profession and wants to do it with the right knowledge, as well as for how is discovering the magic of coffee as home barista.

Advanced Barista Course

A full and intense Italian coffee course, two days full immersion in a Roasting company, tasting different coffee and learning how to prepare perfect espresso and cappuccino.

Coffee Brewing Course

A full day course to discover the world of drip, immersion and filter coffee extraction using all the most innovative tools, Aeropress, V60, Chemex …

Green Coffee Course

A course for those who want to have more knowledge of green coffee from the plantation to the roastery with teoretical and practical parts.

Coffee Roasting and Blending Course

A course for those who want to learn the modern basics of coffee roasting. starting from the knowledge of green cofffee…

Latte Art Course

An intensive course that introduce into the world of Latte Art, from a perfectly frothed milk to the basic pattern like the heart, the leaf and the tulip

Advanced Latte Art Course – Latte Art Grading System

From the most basic to the most complicated figures such as the “vortex” and the “swan”, to the competition rules and the Latte Art Grading System certification. For those who want to reach a high level in Latte Art!

Coffee Tasting and Cupping Course

A course to discover the world of professional coffee tasting from the basic of sensory analysis to the professional cupping sheet

Italian Barista Method Course

Italian Barista Method Course

Espresso Machines Maintenance and Reparation Course

A course dedicated to the Barista who wants to be able to set up and maintain his espresso machine, and for who is thinking of a career as espresso machine technician

Coffee Shop Management Course

From the choice of the location to the risks of the first days (start strong!!) all the route, step by step, for the opening of a coffee shop.
The planning of costs and incomes for a business plan to the financing and bureaucratic route, the HACCP, the interior designs trends, the communication approach, the study of the best (and worst) history cases… All, from the first insight to the first espresso!

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