Advanced Barista Course

Advanced Barista Course

A full and intense Italian coffee course, to learn, in Italy, the basics of the barista job. Two days full immersion in a Roasting company in the very heart of Florence,We visit the roasting plant, we compare and taste, with the trainers, different coffees and Italian blends with the espresso tasting sheets. Then we approach the espresso preparation with professional parameters, we froth the milk for the classic cappuccino and we go deep into the latte art skill, for the preparation of the cappuccino with rosetta, hearts, tulip and so, with videos and a lot of pouring and etching practice.

Then we continue facing the classic Italian preparations as Espresso macchiato and schekerato, then coffee grinding adjustment exercises.

The course program is cut on the SCA certification exam.

Check the video of the course here below!

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    More Info:
    The course starts at 9:00 a.m. and finishes at 6.00 p.m. with a short lunch break. The Espresso Academy is in Cairo

    Program of the Course – Day 1

    • What is coffee, a bit of history and knowledge of the different species : Arabica, robusta and other hybrids.
    • The coffee process: picking, stripping, washed and dry method.
    • Introduction to roasting and blending. Visit to a roasting plant.
    • Tasting of a good and a bad espresso. Tasting different Arabicas and Robustas, finding differences.
    • The preparation of Espresso, dosing, grinding and tamping.
    • The Cappuccino in theory and in practice. Milk frothing: the SCA standards, more or less frothy, more or less hot.
    • The classic Italian preparations: Latte Macchiato, Caffèlatte, Espresso Macchiato , Shaked Coffee etc.
    • An introduction to the world of Brewing: V60, Aeropress and other methods.
    • Knowledge and cleaning of the Espresso machines. Descaling, backflushing, cleaning of the grinder.

    Program of the Course – Day 2

    • Practical test machine: find the right grinding degree and make a correct espresso.
    • The latte art. Video, the “dry” technique and a lot of practice for the pouring of the rosetta, the heart, tulips,the new “rainbow cappuccino” and…
    • From the world of the coffee cocktails to the new frontiers, from mocaccino to hot and icy very new proposals…Introduction to professional coffee tasting: the SCA evaluation boards, testing of several coffees in single origin, from Mexico Altura to Java to the spicy taste of the Ethiopian Sidamo.
    • What are the barista and latte art championships. Regulation and competitions.

    Espresso Academy Diploma

    All attendees will get certified from the “Espresso Academy” upon passing their exams. If you wish to attend SCA certified courses, you will  have  to reserve your spot in accordance with our trainers.



    The cost for the two day of the Advanced course is Egy 4500 and includes the handbooks of the course.


    You will be able to do practical excersises

    Our Trainers


    Ali Tarek

    Coffee Training Manager
    I have 14 years’ experience in the field of coffee, my interest and passion for coffee started since I was 12 years old, when I watched a video for latte arts, from here, it was the beginning to enter this world with lot of passion and intricacies. I started my work at the age of sixteen, and worked in many companies in this field and my main goal was reaching a high level in the field of coffee and my first concern was to spread the coffee culture strongly between my friends and the clients that I dealt with during my period of work, and finally, and after a long wait, I entered the Italian Academy of Bind Egypt through Bind Egypt (Blend) with my wishes of success to the passionate and loving of the world of coffee.

    espresso-machines-maintenance-6 (1)

    Robert Brinck

    Robert is the epitome of the third wave, with his long beard and great passion for coffee! He´s from Holland and takes care of all the english courses, communication and is also the trainer for the technical and machine maintenance course!


    Gabriele Cortopassi

    After many years of experience he´s assisted and done consultancies for many bars and restaurants in Italy and abroad. Gabriele is also the founder of, which is one of the most followed blogs for bars and restaurants and the the title of his book (Hoepli editions). He´s an official SCA Trainer and also teaches the Bar Management course.