The Latte Art Grading System

The “Latte Art Grading System” is a degree that certifies a Barista’s skills in the decoration of coffee drinks, especially Cappuccino, with Latte Art.

This worldwide system is based on 5 consecutive “grading” levels, characterized by different colours: White, Orange, Green, Red, Black.

Each level corresponds to the specific skill that the barista needs to prove during the grading exam creating latte art patterns that get more and more complex.

All Baristas with a bit of skill in Latte Art can support exams, which if passed, can be added to their curriculum.

Upon passing the exam, you get will get a “Latte Art Grading Certificate” with the colour grading, date and signature of the Examiner and the Grading System Coordinator. You will also receive a Milk jug of the corresponding grading color with the Latte Art Grading System logo.

The Espresso Academy is authorized to certify students with the Latte Art Grading System and to organize courses dedicated to those who already have some skills in Latte Art, and want to certify their skills with and exam of the various grading levels that take place at the end of the courses.

It is possible to support even more examinations in one day but it is not allowed to skip any of the Grading levels, the route always starts with the White milk Jug and goes on until the Black jug.

In the table below you can check the levels required for each certification.

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